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Perfect your stride 

We all know the importance of keeping active- and never has it be so important.

We now know that keeping moving is good for our Physical and Mental health. Recently its been highlighted that inactivity can lead to make us vulnerable to all manner of illnesses, both chronic and, increasingly- viral.
But do you have problems that hold you back, such as a painful foot, knee pain when you try to run or just feeling uncomfortable about walking any distance?

We are the professionals to help!

The North East foot Centre has experienced Podiatrists and Orthotists (and soon to come- Physiotherapists), that understand musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.
By taking a careful history and by doing a comprehensive examination, we aim to understand the root causes of your injury or impairment to motion.
We use tools such as observation, validated clinical tests, pressure plates to measure the forces through your feet and more advanced tools such as force plates to build a detailed picture of your movement function.

With understanding and a diagnosis, we will agree with you a treatment plan that could include training plans, exercise therapy, mobilisation of joints, massage, acupuncture or world class orthotic insoles. We have a whole host of therapeutic skills to help you get back to where you would like to be, whether it be walking to the shops or going for a 10k personal best.

So if you have frequently seen issues such as heel pain, or something complex with a long history, that starts in the knee but effects your back- we understand.

Many medical professionals trust us and refer to us all the time, such as the Newcastle United Physiotherapy team, orthopaedic surgeons and GP’s.
So call us to find how we can help you.

David Eardley Manager and Lead Podiatrist. North East foot Centre
Or if you cant come to us, we offer online consultations.

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Podiatry and Chiropody

We provide professional assessment, advice, product and treatment for medical foot and ankle and lower limb problems, using a mix of traditional and ultra modern technologies. 


If injured or impaired in function, any part of the human skeleton may require some form of orthosis to provide support or pain relief. Orthoses can support, stabilize, rest or realign joints.

Orthotic devices are splints, calipers, braces, supports, trusses, insoles and special footwear.

Sports Massage

 Whole body massage to treat injury and promote well-being.

All at our Newcastle upon Tyne city centre clinic, that has nearby parking and is only 75m from the Haymarket bus station and 150m from Haymarket Metro.

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*It is now commonly recognised that there is no difference between podiatry and chiropody. Find out more from the College of Podiatry